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A Drug Possession Charge Doesn't Need to Ruin You

Collaborate with a drug defense attorney in Beaumont, TX, serving Baytown, Lumberton, and Port Arthur, TX

Wondering if you can face your drug charges alone? A drug possession conviction could cost you more than you realize. Even lesser misdemeanor charges can still cost you up to 180 days behind bars and up to $10,000. You'll also have a criminal drug conviction on your record, limiting your career options for years to come. A drug defense attorney in the Beaumont, TX area, serving Baytown, Lumberton, and Port Arthur, TX, can help you protect your future.

Representing yourself just isn't worth the risk. Hire an experienced drug defense attorney from the Law Offices of Brittanie A. Holmes to represent you today.

When the punishment doesn't fit the drug crime

Were you charged with drug possession? An attorney can help you build and present a solid defense. Without one, you could find yourself convicted of a drug crime, no matter if...

  • You didn't know the controlled substance was in your possession (such as if friends used your vehicle to transport their drugs)
  • You were using the drug legally for medicinal purposes, as prescribed by a physician
  • You did not intend to consume or sell the drug (for instance, if the drug was intended to treat livestock)

Don't serve time for a crime you didn't commit. Start working with with a drug possession attorney in Beaumont, Texas by calling 409-832-6041 today.